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Nyad® A specialty mineral to improve the strength and surface appearance of traditional ceramics, glazes and engobes

  • Low loss on ignition (LOI)
  • Fewer surface defects
  • Improved shrinkage control
  • Higher impact strength
  • Faster drying times

Due to their unique chemistry, needle-like, acicular structure and low loss on ignition (LOI), our Nyad® wollastonite grades make excellent fluxing agents and frit additives providing a host of benefits in the production of traditional ceramic bodies, glazes and engobes. Nyad® wollastonites are also both cost-effective and non hazardous reinforcing minerals.

SEM photograph of Nyad coarse wollastonite
Nyad® M100 coarse grade - an ideal reinforcement agent in ceramic bodies

Nyad® wollastonite is a unique calcium metasillicate (CaS1O3) which acts as a natural frit and fluxing agent in ceramics bodies, glazes and engobes.

Used as a flux in traditional ceramic green bodies, Nyad® acicular wollastonites are excellent, low LOI replacements for other calcium oxide sources, which:

  • reduce firing temperatures and firing cycles, facilitating fast firing and lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • reduce firing shrinkage
  • increase green and fired toughness
  • improve thermal stability preventing thermal shock
  • speed up drying times

Used as a fluxing agent and frit additive in glazes, Nyad® is an excellent low LOI source of calcium which:

  • improves surface smoothness and transparency
  • improves glaze body fit
  • reduces pinholes, crawling, crazing and cracking
  • maintains high brightness value during firing
  • improves thermal stability
  • lowers thermal expansion
  • reduces vitrification temperature
  • boosts melting of other frit components

SEM photograph of Nyad coarse wollastonite
Nyad® M400 fine grade for glazes

Used in engobes, our Nyad® grades

  • provide whiteness
  • lower opacifier demand
  • prevent crawling (drying cracks)
  • lower thermal expansion

Recommended grades

 Floor and wall tile bodies
 Sanitaryware bodies

 Tableware bodies

 Nyad® M100, Nyad® M200
 Glazes  Nyad® M325, Nyad® M400
 Engobes  Nyad® M100, Nyad® M200