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Corrosion resistance & barrier properties

Corrosion resistance & barrier properties Imerys minerals for superior barrier properties preventing corrosion

Imerys talc, mica and wollastonite products and our leucophyllite-based product, Plastorit®, improve anti-corrosion performance for demanding applications where barrier properties are crucial such as marine coatings, heavy industrial maintenance coatings, general industrial metal-to-metal paints.


Imerys talc products are naturally hydrophobic. When formulated into paint, the orientation of the talc platelets forms a more significant barrier, limiting the penetration and migration of water and corrosive agents into the paint film thus reducing corrosion, caulking, peeling and blistering.

Due to its lamellarity and chemical inertness, talc also promotes adhesion increasing paint durability.

SEM photograph micronized and ultra-lamellar talcs
Micronized talc
SEM photograph micronized and ultra-lamellar talcs
Ultra-lamellar SteaShield™ 10

We particularly recommend our new ultra-lamellar SteaShield10 talc for corrosion resistant paints and coil coatings.

Ultra-lamellar SteaShield provides unparalleled barrier properties and significantly improves salt spray resistance. SteaShield 10 is the most lamellar talc grade available to coatings formulators today.

Diagram barrier effect of SteaShield
The orientation of talc platelets form a more significant barrier to water and corrosive agents


Wollastonite grades such as our Nyad® and Wollastocoat® grades are derived from natural calcium metasilicate (CaSiO3).

When used in combination with corrosion inhibitors, wollastonite, especially the surface-treated grades, enables the inhibitive pigment to be more effective for overall corrosion protection than when the pigment is used by itself.

The acicular (needle-like) particle shape of wollastonite also reduces internal stress in paints and reinforces mechanical properties of the paint film.

These attributes make wollastonite particularly suitable for high-value coatings which require superior corrosion resistance and durability, such as:

  • Marine and protective coatings
  • Industrial coatings o Wind turbine coatings
  • Special purpose / OEM
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive refinishes
  • High heat resistant coatings
  • Pipe coatings

Our Wollastocoat® grade is a fine particle size wollastonite that is chemically modified for select resin systems for enhanced corrosion protection, mechanical properties and durability.


Plastorit® is a natural coalescence of mica, chlorite and quartz, known as leucophyllite, which provides excellent anti-corrosion performance in both water borne and solvent-based paints and powder coatings.

Plastorit® is ideal for providing corrosion resistance in low-VOC paints and high solids epoxy-based coatings such as marine paints.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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