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Engineered Talcs

Engineered Talcs For high-performance coatings

  • Minimum viscosity build
  • Superior anti-corrosion performance
  • High loading levels in low-VOC, high-solids, low-sheen coatings

Imerys Engineered Talc products are high-purity, premium mineral pigments which are ideal for high-performance coatings. They are designed to give minimum viscosity build and allow for very high loading levels in VOC-compliant and high-solids industrial coatings, interior and exterior low sheen architectural paints, and wood coatings.

Engineered talc products deliver the following performance advantages:

  • Low viscosity build
    Microcrystalline talc is oleophilic and has the ability to associate with common coating resins such as alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, amines, and polyols. In doing so, talc creates weak bonds with these resins that result in increased low-shear viscosity. When shear is applied the bonds break quickly, resulting in shear-thinning coating rheology that is ideal for spray applications. The Engineered series of microcrystalline talcs have a unique particle size distribution that maintains a very high performance level while giving minimal viscosity. These products also allow for substantially higher loading levels that result in potential cost-saving opportunities.
  • Superior anti-corrosion performance
    Engineered talc products are proven anti-corrosion mineral pigments for demanding applications such as marine coatings, heavy industrial maintenance coatings, general industrial, and direct-to-metal paints.
  • Ease-of-dispersion and lower dust in processing
    The Engineered products have low binder demand and disperse easily in typical industrial coatings resins such as epoxies, alkyds, amines, and polyols. They are also less prone to dust generation compared to conventional talc products due to their unique particle size distribution.


Engineered talc product line

Product Top-size
Particle size
Median micron
Binder demand
Oil abs
 Mistron® 2.0 28 18
 Mistron® CF5A-M 2.5 20 20
 Nicron® 302 3.0 13 22
 Nicron® 402 4.0 9.5 25
 Nicron® 503 5.0 5.7 33
 Mistron® RCS 5.5 3.5 37


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