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Mistron Monomix G

Mistron® Monomix G For TiO2 extension and enhanced matting effect in flexographic inks and improved performance in decorative coatings

  • TiO2 extender
  • Enhanced matting effect
  • Improved hiding power on porous substrates

Mistron® Monomix G is a fine, high purity, high brightness microcrystalline talc which is ideal for improving the performance of flexographic inks and decorative coatings.

The chemical composition of talc gives it an affinity for hydrocarbons and for polar organic binders. Consequently, talc disperses rapidly in solvent-based systems and is well adapted for use in inks as a Ti02 extender or matting agent.  It is also suitable for water-based inks.

Used in flexographic inks, Mistron® Monomix:

  • Acts as a TiO2 extender reducing formulation costs
  • Improves hiding power on porous substrates 
  • Enhances matting effect
  • Improves ink transfer and gives a clean print
  • Does not impact ink viscosity
  • Improves settling performance by reducing sedimentation
  • Ensures good adhesion to the ink film on substrates such as polyethylene or treated polypropylene 
  • Reduces blade wear and plate clogging in industrial applications


Mistron® Monomix G is also recommended for:

  • Pigmented and un-pigmented wood coatings 
  • Decorative and industrial primers, where its platy, hydrophobic characteristics improve barrier properties, improving corrosion resistance and stain blocking
  • Topcoats, where it reduces hard settling, improves sag resistance, maximizes prime pigment extension and can be used to adjust gloss levels
  • Clear varnishes to improve transparency

EU REACh and Ecolabel

Imerys products for paints and coatings are naturally occurring, chemically inert minerals that are simply ground to achieve a specific particle distribution size. We do not use additives in our processes. As such, our products are exempt from EU REACH registration and compliant with EU Ecolabel criteria governing organic paints. Imerys minerals reduce the overall environmental impact of your paints and coatings formulations.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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