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Opacity, dry hiding and TiO2 extension

Opacity, dry hiding and TiO2 extension Imerys talcs - cost- effective TiO2 extenders

Imerys talcs make excellent, cost-effective eco-friendly extenders to hiding pigments such as TiO2.

Imerys talc products:

  • Are highly lamellar with a high specific surface area. This promotes the formation of air filled voids in the film as it dries, giving an effect of dry hiding above the CPVC.
  • Improve TiO2 utilization through better spacing, optimizing prime pigment efficiency
  • Are suitable for waterborne and solvent-borne paints and primers
  • Are ideal for flexographic inks

Our Jetfine® 1H ultrafine, high-brightness, micronized talc grade gives excellent dry hiding power in low-to-high PVC decorative paints.

Jetfine® 1H is:

  • An excellent alternative to opaque polymers and synthetic aluminum silicate
  • Ideal for VOC-compliant alkyd paints
  • Suitable for use in outdoor and indoor coatings


Our Vertal® range improves hiding power and stainblocking in architectural primers.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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