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Plastorit® For low VOC paints, high solids coatings, powder coatings and decorative paints

  • Reduced VOC in industrial paints
  • Enhanced scrub and QUV resistance in decorative paints
  • Optimum mechanical properties

Plastorit® is derived from a unique blend of minerals known as leucophyllite which improves the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of paints and coatings.

Plastorit® is a mineral combination of:

  • Mica: a highly lamellar, UV reflecting, resistant to high temperatures, but hard to disperse when used alone
  • Quartz: hard, easy to disperse and non lamellar
  • Chlorite: similar to talc, lamellar and resistant to high temperatures

The coalescence of these three minerals gives Plastorit® its unique properties.

A three-component mineral

Plastorit composition

With a lamellar structure

SEM photograph of Plastorit

Plastorit® in industrial paints

Plastorit® is chemically inert, exhibits low conductivity and doesn‘t create structure viscosity.

Using Plastorit® in high-performance coatings enables lower VOC levels to be achieved and higher filling rates than other platy fillers without affecting anti-corrosion performance.

Plastorit® also provides: 

  • Improved adhesion 
  • Low oil absorption 
  • Little impact on viscosity 
  • Excellent wetting properties 
  • Improved durability 


Plastorit® is ideal for: 

  • Low-VOC paints 
  • High solids epoxy-based coatings such as marine paints 
  • Solvent-free powder coatings


Plastorit® in decorative paints

The mineralogy and particle size distribution of the Plastorit® 000 grade are ideal for enhancing the QUV ageing and scrub resistance of decorative paints.

Using Plastorit® in decorative paint formulas allows paint formulators to lower resin content by +/-25%, while maintaining the same scrub resistance performance.

Combined with our Steopac® or Jetfine® 1 products, Plastorit® 000 allows paints formulators to obtain optimum paint properties for a lower formulation cost.


Available grades

  • Plastorit® 0.25* 
  • Plastorit® 0.5* 
  • Plastorit® 0* 
  • Plastorit® 00* 
  • Plastorit® 000* 
  • Plastorit® 0000*    
  • Plastorit® Micro 
  • Plastorit® Super 

To help you select exactly the right Plastorit® grade for your formulation requirements, please contact our technical support team.

 *Ecolabel compliant

EU REACh and Ecolabel

Imerys products for paints and coatings are naturally occurring, chemically inert minerals that are simply ground to achieve a specific particle distribution size. We do not use additives in our processes. As such, our products are exempt from EU REACH registration and compliant with EU Ecolabel criteria governing organic paints. Imerys minerals reduce the overall environmental impact of your paints and coatings formulations.

Plastorit® for industrial coatings

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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