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Rheology, settling and applicability

Rheology, settling and applicability Imerys minerals for improved viscosity, settling, application and easy dispersion

Imerys talcs and kaolins are ideal for improving rheology and viscosity in paints, coatings and adhesives.

Paints & coatings


Imerys talcs, such as our Mistron® Monomix and Jetfine® 1H are oleophilic and have the ability to associate with typical coating resins such as alkyds, emulsions, epoxies, amines, and polyols.

Talc creates weak bonds with these resins that result in increased low-shear viscosity. When shear is applied the bonds break quickly, resulting in shear-thinning coating rheology that is ideal for spray applications.

Improved rheology reduces sagging and in-can settling.

Easy dispersion and less dust

Imerys talcs have low binder demand and disperse easily in all binder bases.


Fine and ultra-fine talcs, such as Mistron® Monomix and Jetfine® 1H are cost-effective replacements for higher-priced thixotropes such as synthetic silicas. They incorporate easily into solvent-based paints and coatings, and do not require activation by heat or special solvents.

Lower VOC levels

Our fine-grind talc grades and Nyad® wollastonite grades demonstrate very low oil absorption and resin demand enabling formulators to reduce solvent content and achieve lower VOC levels.


Kaolins such as our Argirec B24 product are ideal for improving rheology and viscosity in water-based adhesives such as polyvinyl alcohol used in high speed paper lamination for the production of graphic cardboard and corrugated board.

Argirec B24:

  • provides the right rheology profile fostering low adhesive use per g/m2 to create adhesion
  • gives stable viscosity profile over a longer period of time ( good shelf life)
  • confers the correct balance between dosing concentration and viscosity level
  • is very suitable for ' high viscosity' water-based adhesives due to its high surface area and very fine particles

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.


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