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Wood coatings

Wood coatings Imerys minerals - your natural solution for wood coatings

Imerys talcs and micas make excellent, cost-effective multifunctional pigments, fillers and extenders enhancing the optical and mechanical properties of wood paints, primers and semi-transparent and opaque wood stains (lazures) used for indoor and outdoor house applications, parquet flooring, doors, windows and furniture.

Imerys minerals:

  • Improve barrier properties increasing impermeability
  • Increase microporosity allowing the wood to breathe
  • Are effective TiO2 extenders reducing formulation costs
  • Are cost-effective alternatives to wax
  • Enhance matting effect
  • Reduce mud cracking and surface cracking
  • Improve rheology, paint adhesion and application
  • Contribute to VOC reduction
  • Are easy to disperse
  • Enhance scrub, color, UV and weather resistance
  • Minimize settling
  • Are natural, environmentally friendly solutions

They are compatible with all solvent borne (e.g. alkyd) and water borne (e.g. latex, emulsion) binder bases such as acrylics, polyurethanes, polyesters, melamine resins, epoxies, and oils.

Application Recommended grades
Transparent wood coatings

Jetfine® 1
Mistron® Monomix G
Plastorit® Super

Wood primers

Mistron® Monomix G
SteaShield® 10
Mistrogard® 15
Mica MU M2/1

Wood stains Jetfine® 1
Mistron® Monomix G


We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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