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Laboratory Services.

We speak your language!

Our Technology Centers simulate the manufacturing processes and finished product testing that our customers use. This is essential if we are to speak their language when discussing the use of our minerals in their applications.

Step 1: Prepare formulations

We use a range of formulation equipment including twin screw extruders, Henschel and Banbury mixers for compounding plastics; high speed dissolvers and bead mills for preparing paint formulations; high shear mixers for adhesive and sealant compounds.

Step 2: Process formulations

Once formulations have been prepared they are processed. For plastics we extrude profiles, mold small components and blow film. For rubber we injection mold or extrude test items. Paint formulations are applied to various surfaces to test the properties. For Cosmetics we test consistency, optical properties and scrub intensity for example.

Step 3: Test formulations

To assess the performance of our minerals in the compounds, we use a vast array of testing equipment and industry standard test methods wherever possible. 

For example:

  • Paint films are tested for opacity, gloss, color, scrub resistance and rheology. 
  • For Plastics, we test impact strength, tensile strength and color—among others. 
  • Plastic films are tested for strength, haze, color and clarity. 
  • Rubber tests include elongation at break and compression set 
  • Cables are tested for their electrical performance such as dielectric properties. 
  • For Cosmetics, we test formulation consistency, optical properties (opacity, color, gloss), sun protection factor or scrub intensity,
  • For Paper, we test sheet forming for optical quality; gas permeability for barrier coated packaging materials, amongst others,
  • Adhesives and sealants are tested for adhesion performance and shelf life, which is very important for some sealant types.

If the test doesn’t exist, we develop one!

If a test doesn’t exist for a property, we will develop one. Often a subtle change in mineral loading will have significant effects on the performance of the end product.  We can measure this and use the results to match the right mineral with the application.
When we’ve finished, we prepare and present our customers with a full report detailing formulations used, processing conditions and performance and conclude with our recommendations. 

We are always open to enquiries about what our engineered minerals can offer. If you have a new idea you would like to explore or a particular product or process issue you would like to discuss, please contact us.