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A commitment to quality

We are an acknowledged leader in quality and supplier reliability. Our focus is to constantly improve consistency across all regions and product lines to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products and services. Indeed, continuous improvement in every aspect of our business is fundamental to the way we work, which is why we have consistently invested in improvements that ensure the quality of our minerals.

ISO certification

All our minerals are produced according to management systems registered to - or compliant with - the international quality management standard ISO 9001. This allows us to manage quality across the business and develop product technologies and services to meet the changing needs of the markets we serve.

In addition, many of our operations have implemented an integrated HSEQ system. The majority are ISO 14001 or compliant. Some are also OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 certified.

Quality control

Product consistency is of prime importance. We go above and beyond regulatory compliance and industry best practices to ensure the quality of the minerals we produce. We rigorously abide by these standards and discard any material that does not meet them. We have detailed knowledge of the extent and quality of our deposits and testing starts when our raw materials are still in the ground. Through independent geological analysis of targeted rock formations, we assess the purity and quality of our minerals before they are even mined. Once out of the ground, we employ two-step purity tests to ensure they exceed industry standards and specifications.

We apply strict quality controls at every stage of the extraction, processing, packaging and delivery process. We achieve consistent quality through controlled processes, guaranteed by certificates of analysis and according to regulatory requirements for each application.

Our production sites and quality programs are audited frequently by our customers, government agencies, as well as certification bodies. We pass such audits with the highest level of compliance and customer satisfaction.

Product risk assessment

Depending on the final application and relevant regulations, our operations are committed to protecting the product from risk of contamination. Tools such as HACCP, Food Safety Plans and FMEA are applied depending on the end-use of our products.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are applicable and applied in our operations for many of our products: IPEC PQG for excipients for the pharmaceuticals industry, Food Safety Plans for food and feed, etc.

Complaints management

All complaints are recorded and monitored by the relevant quality manager at each operation until the claim is resolved. We use Root Cause analysis to reduce the number of complaints and use potential issues as a springboard for continuous improvement.

ISO certificates and other Quality documents are available for downloading from our Download Center.