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Latest innovations.

Latest Innovations

Working at our Technology Centers in John's Creek, Atlanta (USA), Cornwall (UK)  and Toulouse (France), our Science & Technology (S&T) teams focus on finding ground-breaking applications for our minerals and new formulations to improve existing applications and meet future needs.

These are just some of our pioneering innovations.

New generation HAR® 3G talcs 
Produced using a unique, delaminating process developed in-house which dramatically increases lamellarity and aspect ratio, High Aspect Ratio HAR® 3G talcs improve properties such as stiffness in plastics and impermeability in tires.

Women washing face with face scrub

ImerCare®  for personal care applications
The ImerCare® perlite, talc, diatomaceous earth and kaolin range is a natural, environmentally-friendly choice for make-up, scrubs, toothpastes, creams, gels, shampoos and deodorants.

Paints and paintbrushes

Mica MU™ M2/1 for superior stainblocking in primers
Mica MU™ M2/1 is a highly lamellar mica grade with a 20µm top cut. Mica MU™ M2/1 provides excellent performance in solvent- and water-based primer applications requiring superior stain-blocking.

Engineered minerals for flame retarded ETP
Imerys has developed a full  range of engineered mica, talc and wollastonite reinforcement agents for use pure or in combination with glass fiber in engineering thermoplastics which are increasingly used in under-the-hood parts and for intumescent flame retarded electrical and electronic applications.

Painted bridge

Nyad® wollastonite for low-VOC industrial coatings
Harnessing the unique mineralogy and acicular morphology of wollastonite, Nyad® provides low oil absorption, excellent mechanical properties, adhesion and good anti-corrosion properties, prolonging the service life of coatings.

Food carton

Steaplus® Prime for paperboard barrier coatings
Steaplus® Prime is an ultra-lamellar grade specifically developed for water-based barrier coatings for food and non-food segments of the packaging industry. Easily recyclable, Steaplus® based coatings provide a more environment friendly alternative to wax, fluorochemical and petrochemical based polymer coatings.