Welcome to Imerys Performance Minerals


Your Engine for Growth

Our Science & Technology teams have several hundred years of combined mineral expertise behind them, along with unrivalled applications knowledge to improve customer formulations. Indeed, many of our engineers come from the markets we serve…

Hand in hand with customers

Pooling our expertise groupwide at our Global Technology Centers we work in close partnership with our customers to develop new, unique solutions to solve technical challenges they may be facing, or helping them to find new solutions.

And with research institutes worldwide

Our S&T teams are also engaged in applied research, working extensively with universities and external institutes in Europe and the USA to ensure we draw on knowledge and expertise at the forefront of technology.

Each year, we introduce new products onto the market:  ‘continuity’ innovations, resulting from improvements to the existing range, and ‘disruptive’ innovations, based on the development of new concepts.

"Most of our work aims to solve customers’ specific problems. But we also provide innovative solutions for some of the key new trends and challenges facing society today – whether that’s avoiding water pollution from polymer beads in cosmetics, conserving energy and reducing emissions through lighter vehicles or developing synthetic minerals."

Frédéric Jouffret, Vice President Science & Technology, Imerys

We are always open to enquiries about what our engineered minerals can offer. If you have a new idea you would like to explore or a particular product or process issue you would like to discuss, please contact us.