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What is halloysite?

Imerys halloysite

Halloysite is a natural form of very white, kaolinite.
Like kaolin, halloysite is essentially composed of aluminosilicates, however it has a tubular crystal structure, which is markedly different from the booklet or platelet crystal structure of kaolin.


Halloysite is ubiquitous in soil and weathered rock, where it occurs in a variety of particle shapes. It typically forms through the hydrothermal alteration of aluminosilicate minerals and can occur intermixed with other clay minerals. It often occurs near carbonate rocks. Large halloysite deposits are relatively rare, however.

  • High whiteness

  • High translucency

  • Tubular structure

  • Nanosize

  • High aspect ratio

  • Low iron and titanium content

  • Tableware
  • Tableware

    Halloysite is prized for the manufacture of thin porcelain, bone china, fine china and aluminous tableware and hotelware where the combination of tubular shape and low iron and titanium content produces fine ceramic ware presenting exceptional whiteness and translucency. 

    Its fine particle size makes halloysite a useful suspension agent in glaze preparations.

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