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What is moler?

Imerys moler

Moler is a unique clay-like form of diatomite, dating back to the early Eocene time, typically comprising two-thirds diatom algae shells and one-third smectite clay.
Typical moler contains up over hundred different diatoms, which are essentially round, triangular and ball shaped.


The only true deposits of moler are located on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling, off the northwestern coast of Denmark, where they were formed over fifty million years ago.

Physical properties

  • High absorbency

  • Insulation

  • Heat resistance

  • Lightweight

  • Animal welfare
  • Construction
  • Horticulture
  • Environment
  • Animal welfare

    • Used in animal feed, moler is an effective anti-caking and flow agent that improves pellet stability and an efficient carrier for vitamins, acids, fats and premixes. 
    • At the farm, moler makes an excellent liquid and odor absorbent for animal bedding and litter, and an effective manure binder.
    • Calcined moler is a tried-and-tested solution for lightweight cat litter.
  • Construction

    In the construction sector, moler is a  prized ingredient in insulating bricks and cement.

  • Horticulture

    • Used in horticulture, moler optimizes plant growth conditions in hydro culture, compost and earth mixtures.
    • It is a first-rate soil additive for green roof and golf-course soil toppings.
  • Environment

    • Moler is a highly effective industrial absorption agent for protecting the environment in the event of oil and fuel spills and acid and chemical leakages.
    • It is an effective solution for water filtration and deflourination as well as emissions purification and odor control.