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Safety Not just a priority - a core value

Our business involves operating earthmoving equipment and machinery; using explosives; working at heights and in confined spaces and other potential dangers. Because people are our most precious resource, compromising their safety isn’t an option. That's why at Imerys, safety isn't just a priority, it’s a core value underpinning everything we do.

Fostering a sustainable safety culture

We believe employees should end their workday as healthy as they started it—in fact, we believe all employees can achieve an injury-free career. 

Ongoing investment in safety training and technology has helped us lower our injury rates to well below those of the mining industry in general. We continue to work towards our ultimate goal of zero injuries.

Creating a sustainable safety culture starts with education. For executives and managers, the lesson has evolved from directing, to leading by example. Supervisors and employees take responsibility for their own safety and are proactive in promoting safety among their colleagues. Developing communication and interpersonal skills is an integral part of the training program for all employees, as is an understanding of the human factors that affect safety. 

Our sustainable safety culture promotes bottom-up ownership of safety rather than top-down control; creates a focus on shared responsibility rather than external enforcement; and, ultimately, changes people's minds about safety.

The Imerys Safety System

Imerys Safety System logo

Our mines fully comply with all laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate and follow a strict set of company guidelines with regard to safety. In addition, the groupwide Imerys Safety System sets out minimum safety rules and standards and requires all Imerys operations worldwide to comply with these rules and standards. The Imerys Safety System also describes the main levers used for continuous improvement of safety.

It provides training and communication tools that are designed to support the compliance and continuous improvement of the system. Current tools used groupwide include the 'Take 5 Think before you act’ program, 'Serious Seven' critical safety compliance initiative and the 'Visible Felt' safety leadership program.

We also organize an annual 'Safety Connect Day' at all our operations worldwide which provides an occasion for employees around the world to consider how their individual and collective behavior can create an even safer Imerys.

Imerys Take 5 poster
The ‘Take 5’ safety program, a pre-task risk assessment and reduction tool, helps drive safety awareness to all employees.

Imerys Serious 7 poster
The ‘Serious Seven’ Safety compliance program governs safety in critical areas.

More information about our health and safety policies and practices and examples of what we do can be found on the Imerys Group website.

The Safety Guardians

Take 5 before you act!