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Imerys is the leading supplier of highest quality talc, mica and wollastonite for coatings and construction markets worldwide.

We engineer the particle shape, size, color and chemistry of these minerals to allow you to control the quality and performance of your formulations.

Imerys minerals make ideal multi-functional extender pigments in water borne, solvent borne and powder-coat paints and coatings, where they improve mechanical and optical properties, rheology, paint stability, weather and stain resistance, mud cracking and barrier properties. They make excellent TiO2 extenders in coatings.

They bring a wide range of benefits to renders, color concentrates, enamels, varnishes, gel coats, inks, putties, plasters and plasterboard, concrete, adhesives and mortars.

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Steashield 10

Ultra-lamellar SteaShield 10 talc for exceptional barrier properties in stain-blocking paints and corrosion resistant coatings.



Nyad® wollastonite for improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in low VOC coatings.


Steashield, a new stainblocking mineral for coatings