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“Creamy pearl“ shower gel

“Creamy pearl“ shower gel

Talc-based formulation

End-consumer benefits

Pearlescence and optical effect


Toiletries - shower gels and shampoos


ImerCare® Opaline talc, with its specific lamellar structure, reflects light and imparts a unique iridescent effect to the formulation.



Typical Formulation ingredients

Phase INCI Name Ingredients Function %
A Aqua - Solvent QSP 100
Acrylates Copolymer Carbopol Aqua SF-1 (Lubrizol) Thickener 10.0
Glycerin - Humectant 1.0
B Sodium Laureth Sulfate Texapon NSO UP (BASF) Anionic Surfactant 45.0
C Sodium Hydroxide 10% in a water solution pH Adjuster 4.2
Aqua (and) Methylisothiazolinone* Microcare MT (Thor) Preservative 0.1
Sodium chloride - Thickener 2.0
D Glycerin - Humectant 2.0
Aqua - Solvent 3.0
Talc ImerCare® Opaline (Imerys) Pearlising Agent 1.5
E Citric Acid 50% in a water solution pH Adjuster 0.8
*this incorporation rate exceeds the regulation that comes into force on 27 April 2018.



  • Weigh phase A ingredients and stir until homogenised.
  • Add phase B to phase A and mix under low shear until homogenised.
  • Incorporate phase C ingredients one after another and mix until homogenised (neutralisation at pH > 6.5-7.0)
  • Premix phase D components, add to the mixture whilst gently stirring until homogenised.
  • Add phase E to adjust the pH if necessary (5.8<pH<6.2).

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