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'Happy hands' gentle scrub

'Happy hands' gentle scrub

Perlite-based formulation

Consumer benefits

Gentle exfoliation


Toiletries – hand soap scrub


This exfoliating hand soap containing ImerCare® 190P-Scrub provides gentle hand cleansing.
It washes away all the dirt that can accumulate during the day leaving hands feeling clean and smooth.



Typical formulation ingredients

Phase INCI Name Ingredients Function %
A Acqua - Solvent QSP 100
A Glycerin - Humectant 2.5
B Acrylates Copolymer Carbopol Aqua SF-1 Polymer (Lubrizol) Suspending agent 8.0
C Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate Stepanol ALS 25B (Stepan) Surfactant 25.0
D Cocamidopropyl Betaine Tego Betain P 50 C (Evonik) Surfactant 4.5
D Fragrance Kaffir Lime and Yuzu 256241 (Carvansons) Fragrance 0.15
E Sodium Hydroxide 20% in a water solution pH adjuster QS
F Sorbitan Caprylate (and) Propanediol (and) Benzoic Acid Nipaguard SCE (Clariant) Preservative 1.0
G Citric Acid 50% in a water solution pH adjuster QSP
H Perlite ImerCare® 190P-Scrub (Imerys) Exfoliating agent 1.0


  • Combine phase A ingredients in beaker and stir.
  • Add ingredient B to the mixture and stir.
  • Add ingredient C to beaker and stir carefully to avoid foam formation.
  • Premix D ingredients separately and then add them whilst stirring.
  • Use E to adjust to pH 7.0-7.2 whilst stirring. The mixture should thicken to a gel.
  • Add ingredient F and stir.
  • Use ingredient G to adjust pH to 6.0 whilst stirring.
  • Add ImerCare® 190P-Scrub and stir until evenly dispersed, being careful not to introduce any bubbles.

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