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ImerScrub™ For an aesthetic colored effect in scrub products

  • Available in five shades
  • Durable color stability
  • Can be used in combination with ImerCare® P-Scrub

ImerScrub is a full range of spherical, colored perlites developed using patented technology to provide a refined, aesthetic effect in exfoliating products.

ImerScrub rounds out the white, ImerCare® P-Scrub range, with which it can be combined to provide a decorative and gentle exfoliation effect.

ImerScrub™ is available in five colors

Color stability

ImerScrub demonstrates durable color stability in typical shower gel formulations.

Tests were conducted to assess color stability under long UV exposure conditions, with different surfactant systems and pH levels. 

ImerScrub™ in shower gels

To achieve an optimum refined aesthetic effect in the final formulation, the recommended loading level of ImerScrub is 0.3 to 1 wt%.


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