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Compressed tablets

Compressed tablets Imerys talcs - ideal excipients, lubricants and flow agents for compressed tablets

Imerys talcs are chemically inert and have a stabilizing effect on active ingredients making them ideal excipients, lubricants and flow agents for tablets. 

Used as a flow agent, Imerys talcs:

  • Reduce fluctuations in tablet weight
  • Enhance tablet homogeneity and quality
  • Increase productivity

They also act as high surface area lubricants for tablet presses, where they:

  •  Reduce friction
  • Prevent binding during compressing and ejection
  • Guarantee impeccable, smooth, crack-free results

We recommend:

  • Our Luzenac Pharma and Luzenac 00 range as flow regulators
  • Our ultramicronized grade Luzenac Pharma UM for tablet pressing


All Imerys talc grades for pharmaceuticals are decontaminated in compliance with European (EP), US (USP) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopoeias, allowing their utilization worldwide.

They are produced on dedicated decontaminated process lines which are certified under the 'Joint IPEC – PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients'.  

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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