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Antiblocking Imerys talcs - your ideal antiblocking solution for PE films

Plastic film blocking is a common occurrence during film production, converting and end use. It results in the adhesion of adjacent plastic film layers to each other rendering separation difficult. Imerys talcs provide an optimum balance of haze, antiblocking and mechanical properties.

Bright, fine-grind minerals with an irregular particle shape are commonly used as antiblocking additives to reduce blocking force, a measure of film-to-film adhesion.  Antiblocking minerals work by generating a micro-roughness that limits the contact between adjacent plastic film surfaces, reducing blocking force. Antiblocking minerals must also provide a good overall balance of optical and mechanical film properties. Other important properties are plastic additive adsorption on the mineral surface, low hardness and low yellow index.

Imerys talcs for antiblocking are engineered with optimal particle size distribution conferring an optimum balance of haze, antiblocking and mechanical properties to films.

Imerys antiblocking products provide:

  • Superior film clarity and haze
  • Excellent anti-blocking and COF
  • Optimum mechanical and impact strength
  • Good cost / performance balance
  • Low abrasion

We recommend our fine Mistroblock® range for PE film antiblocking.

SEM Mistroblock
Mistroblock® talc is an excellent antiblocking solution for high performing PE film

Imerys Mistroblock® talc provides excellent mechanical properties in high performing PE film together with good anti-block performance. The optical film properties it imparts are much better than those of other talc grades at comparable fineness of grind.

Mistroblock® talc is the least abrasive of all anti-block minerals.

Mistroblock® is available in compacted form for easier handling, feeding, and less entrained air during extrusion.


We also recommend our Mistron® grades for antiblocking:

  • Mistron® AB
  • Mistron® NT
  • Mistron® 400C

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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