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CELITE® For outstanding anti-block performance in plastic films

  • Outstanding film anti-block performance
  • Increased film clarity
  • Reduced haze
  • Mechanical properties

Imerys Celite® grades are typically used in premium films where excellent clarity and low haze is required. Imerys Celite® 263 LD provides a unique balance between blocking, re-blocking, haze, clarity and mechanical properties of plastic films made from LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PET and PP.

Celite 263 LD is diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of the fossilized remains of diatoms, single-celled algae. It is a naturally occurring amorphous silica which is mined like a mineral.

Celite® 263 LD is flux calcined DE. Calcination is heat treatment to above 1,000°C which changes the mineralogy and morphology of the mineral and imparts excellent anti-block properties.

Celite® 263 LD is recommended as an anti-block agent thanks to its very irregular shaped particles which provide fewer film surface contact points hence very low blocking force.

Imerys flux calcined diatomite Celite® 263 LD provides outstanding film anti-block performance.

Due to the low blocking force it generates in plastic films, the addition rate of Celite® 263 LD for an equivalent anti-blocking force can be reduced, thereby increasing film clarity and reducing haze.

Celite® 263 LD provides outstanding anti-block performance, good clarity and low haze

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