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Crys-Talc® Your cost-effective solution for polymer crystallization

  • Optimum nucleation in homopolymer and copolymer PP
  • Effective nucleation in polyamides, PLA, and semi-crystalline polymers
  • Improves rigidity and impact resistance
  • Increased injection-molding and extrusion output
  • Excellent mixing behavior and dispersion

Crys-Talc® is a new, very bright, cost-effective and highly efficient plastic nucleation talc grade with a unique, micro-lamellar morphology. Crys-Talc® is ideal for the nucleation of polypropylene (PP), polyamides, PL and other semi-crystalline polymers.

Due to its unique micro-crystalline structure, Crys-Talc® provides an optimum surface for the nucleation of semi-crystalline polymers.

In Polypropylene

Crys-Talc® is an efficient and highly cost-effective nucleating agent for polypropylene that:  

  • Increases crystallization temperature and kinetics
  • Increases injection-molding and extrusion output by 10 to 15%
  • Improves stiffness, strength and Izod impact performance

Onset crystallization temperature and crystallization half time of copolymer PP nucleated with Crys-Talc®

Overall performance of Crys-Talc® in PP

At higher addition rates, Crys-Talc® acts as a reinforcing agent improving stiffness, impact resistance and heat distortion temperature (HDT).

In Polyamides

Talc is also an efficient nucleating agent for polyamides.
Data obtained in PA6 shows that Crys-Talc® can significantly increase crystallization temperature compared to unfilled PA6 or PA6 filled with other minerals.

Increasing crystallization temperature in PA6:

  • Allows the polymer melt to solidify faster
  • Improves the throughput of industrial processes
  • Reduces injection molding cycle times

Significant increase in crystallization of PA6 with Crys-Talc compared to other minerals

Crys-Talc® is available in compacted form for easy handling, less dust and improved productivity.



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