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Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Imerys minerals improve the mechanical properties and flame retardant properties of plastic E&E components

Engineering thermoplastics (ETP) and their blends are increasingly replacing metals and thermosets in the automotive and electronic and electrical (E&E) industries for high end applications. Imerys minerals make ideal multi-functional fillers and process enablers in the production of E&E thermoplastic components where they improve stiffness, dimensional stability, flame retardancy and surface appearance making them ideal for demanding applications.


Imerys highly lamellar talcs and acicular wollastonites make ideal reinforcement fillers in ETP housings for computers, TVs and electronic devices where they provide:

  • improved dimensional stability
  • reduced thermal expansion, shrinkage, warpage and anisotropy
  • increased stiffness, allowing downgauging and weight reduction of thermoplastic parts
  • better stiffness / impact balance
  • excellent heat and flame resistance (FR)
  • a matt surface
  • enhanced scratch and mar resistance
  • an excellent alternative or extender to glass-fiber fillers
  • dielectric improvement
  • good polymer flow

We recommend the following products for PC/ABS blends:

  • Ultrafine Jetfine® talc for improved impact strength
  • High aspect ratio HAR® talc for improved stiffness and low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) / flow properties
  • Surface-treated Luzenac R7 talc for improved impact resistance.
  • Nyglos® wollastonite for improved polymer flow, surface finish and stiffness/toughness balance.
  • HAR® and Nyglos® for partial replacement of short glass fibers (SGF).

We recommend the following product for PC/PBT, neat PBT and PPE/PS alloys:

  • Luzenac A7 for increased stiffness and dimensional stability


Imerys talcs are also ideal nucleating agents in neat PBT and PBT/PC blends. Our Jetfine® talcs increase crystallization temperature boosting injection molding machine output.

Flame retardancy in PP

Used in combination with magnesium hydroxide (MDH) in PP quenching and intumescent systems, Imerys talcs improve flame retardancy (FR) of PP compounds used for E&E components, while reducing the overall formulation cost.

Imerys minerals:

  • limit gas emission and oxygen diffusion resulting in delayed combustion
  • create a physical barrier effect limiting heat and mass transfer
  • reduce dripping in intumescent systems
  • improve thermal stability
  • promote char formation
  • improve ash cohesion
  • reduce smoke and afterglow

We recommend Luzenac 1445 for PP quenching and intumescent systems.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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