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Film for superior antiblocking and mechanical properties in plastic film

Imerys offers a wide range of calcium carbonates, calcined kaolins, diatomaceous earths and talc grades for the production of packaging and agricultural film. Our portfolio ranges from economical extenders to highly functional surface-treated additives.


Plastic film blocking is a common occurrence during polyethylene (PE) film production, converting and end use. It results in the adhesion of adjacent film layers to each other rendering their separation difficult. Antiblocking minerals for PE and other plastic films must provide the right balance between good optical and mechanical properties, low additive adsorption and antiblocking performance. Imerys mineral grades for plastic film antiblocking have optimal particle size distribution to obtain the best balance of haze and antiblocking.

We recommend the following mineral grades for antiblocking:

  • Celite® flux calcined diatomaceous earth for outstanding anti-blocking performance, good clarity and low haze in LDPE and LLDPE films.
  • InFilm® and Polestar® calcined kaolin grades for an excellent compromise of optical properties, anti-block performance and cost in PE films.
  • Mistroblock® and compacted Mistroblock® C microlamellar talc for best mechanical properties such as dart drop impact and puncture resistance in high-performance metallocene LLDPE films, together with good overall optical properties and antiblocking performance. Mistroblock® talc is the least abrasive of all the minerals and food-contact approved.
  • InFilm® calcined kaolin range for specialty BOPP and BOPET films.


Imerys calcium carbonates are excellent mineral solutions for producing lightweight packaging film with optimum mechanical properties, whilst increasing production output and reducing formulation costs. Calcium carbonates are particularly suited for the production of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), due to their ability to promote microvoid formation. They are ideal for thin film (label stock) and thicker or laminated films for packaging applications.

We recommend:

  • Supercoat® ultrafine, treated calcium carbonate range for improving impact and tear strength in LLDPE and BOPP thin film applications. Supercoat® also provides excellent printability, antiblocking and enhanced whiteness and opacity.
  • Supercoat® is ideal for bioplastic film applications.
  • ImerCarb® which has been optimized to give an excellent balance of density reduction and mechanical properties in thicker film applications

Infrared (IR) Barrier

Infrared barrier

Imerys calcined kaolins and talcs are widely used in LDPE / EVA agricultural films for greenhouse applications where they:

  • increase greenhouse temperatures by retaining infrared radiation, optimizing light transmission and scattering
  • enhance barrier properties – hence impermeability
  • improve tensile strength and elongation of film


We recommend our InFilm® and Polestar® calcined kaolin grades and Luzenac 20M0 talc grade for agricultural and greenhouse applications.

Please visit our breathable film page for hygiene, medical and roofing films.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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