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HAR® talcs High aspect ratio talcs for stiffer and lighter parts

  • Superior flexural modulus enabling downgaging
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good stiffness / impact balance

Imerys high aspect ratio HAR® talcs provide superior flexural modulus combined with excellent dimensional stability and good stiffness/impact balance in polypropylene and engineering thermoplastics for the automotive, E&E, appliance and packaging industries.

HAR® talcs enhance stiffness

High aspect ratio HAR® talcs talcs are produced using a patented delaminating process which results in significantly higher aspect ratios than conventionally micronized talcs.

Proper processing and dispersion of HAR® talc in plastic compounds generates excellent orientation of particles during injection molding, which maximizes stiffness, HDT and dimensional stability of the resulting part.

Micronized talc & High aspect ratio talc

Automotive applications

Using high aspect ratio HAR® talcs in automotive parts allows manufacturers to make thinner, lighter auto parts contributing to making cars lighter, improving fuel economy (CAFE) hence decreasing CO2 emissions.

HAR® talcs also provide excellent performance in automotive parts in terms of:

  • Dimensional stability, leading to lower mold shrinkage and CTE, which is ideal for zero-gap designs
  • Increased flexural modulus (about 20% higher than micronized fine talcs)
  • Improved heat distortion temperature (HDT)

HAR® talcs are particularly recommended for automotive parts such as:

  • Exterior parts: bumpers, rockers and fenders
  • High impact resistant interior parts: dashboards, door pillars and interior trim

Household appliances

In household appliances such as washing machines, high aspect ratio HAR® compounds make excellent alternatives to fiberglass-reinforced plastics, giving excellent rigidity / stiffness and improved dimensional stability at a reduced cost.

Rigid packaging

HAR® talcs are ideal for food packaging applications where barrier properties are crucial.

Flame retardancy

HAR® talcs are an excellent solution for flame retardant formulations due to the effect of their higher aspect ratio on char and barrier properties, which results in reduced rate of heat / mass transfer and better flame retardancy.

Easy handling – high throughput

HAR® talcs are supplied in micro-sphere, densified form and have excellent flow properties for easy handling and high compounding throughput.

HAR® talcs

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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