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Impact, stiffness, dimensional control

Impact, stiffness, dimensional control Imerys minerals for enhanced impact resistance, stiffness and dimensional control in polypropylene and ETP

Imerys minerals make ideal reinforcing fillers in PP, TPO and engineering thermoplastics for applications which require greater stiffness and better dimensional control over a range of temperatures.

Due to their higher aspect ratio—which leads to excellent orientation during injection molding—Imerys minerals:

  • Increase part stiffness
  • Provide an excellent stiffness/impact balance
  • Improve heat deflection temperature—essential for automotive under-the-hood parts or for microwave resistant thermoformed plastics for example
  • Ensure good dimensional stability by reducing shrinkage, warpage and anisotropy
  • Give a very low coefficient of thermal expansion (CLTE)—ideal for automotive zero-gap designs, for example


Imerys minerals are ideal for improving the mechanical properties of plastics for:

  • Automotive parts
  • White goods
  • Domestic appliances
  • Garden furniture
  • E&E housings
  • Wood plastic composites
  • Recycled plastic goods


Imerys minerals are widely used in all thermoplastics, including polyolefins (PP, polyethylene), TPOs, polyamides, PC/PBT blends, PC/ABS blends, PPE blends, polyester blends, PVC and biopolymers.

They make excellent glass fiber extenders and alternatives in recycled polyamides.

Imerys fine milled products are also available in compacted form for increased compounding throughput and improved dosing accuracy.


Recommended grades


We recommend our ultrafine Jetfine® talcs for applications where impact resistance is crucial: 

  • Exterior automotive parts made from TPOs, fascias, body or rocker panels 
  • Interior automotive parts such as dashboards, door pillars and trim made from polypropylene, PC/PBT, PC/ABS, etc. 
  • E&E parts such as computer, TV and electronic device housings made from engineering plastics


We recommend our HAR® talcs for applications where stiffness is crucial: 

  • Exterior automotive parts such as bumpers, rockers and fenders 
  • Interior plastics used for dashboards, door pillars and interior trim 


Imerys fine milled talcs are available in compacted form for increased compounding throughput and improved dosing accuracy.

Calcined Kaolin

We recommend our Polarite amino-silane treated calcined kaolin and hydrous kaolin range for superior impact strength and modulus in polyamides.


We recommend our Nyglos® wollastonite grades for improving HDT, stiffness and surface appearance in ETP.


We recommend our Suzorite® micas for plastics applications requiring improved mechanical properties and sound damping.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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