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Nyglos® For plastics reinforcement, partial replacement of chopped glass fiber and enhanced flame retardancy

  • Superior reinforcement in ETP
  • Partial replacement of chopped glass fiber
  • Improved flame retardant performance

The acicular morphology, thermal stability, and chemical purity of high-aspect-ratio Nyglos® wollastonite make it a superior reinforcement agent in plastics, especially ETPs such as polyamide and PC/ABS. Nyglos® is also an ideal solution for replacing or extending milled glass and chopped glass fiber in engineering thermoplastics, including polyamides. It is ideal for improving FR performance of intumescent flame retardant (FR) formulations.

Nyglos® wollastonite has an acicular structure

SEM photo Nyglos®

Due to its acicular morphology, fine particle size and high aspect ratio, Nyglos® wollastonite provides:

  • Improved rheology
  • Increased stiffness (flexural modulus)
  • Improved heat deflection temperature (HDT)
  • Reduced CLTE and shrinkage
  • Improved weldline strength (especially surface treated wollastonites)

PA6 reinforcement

High aspect ratio Nyglos® wollastonite products are excellent solutions for reinforcing Polyamide 6 (PA6).


  • Provides stiffness and weldline tensile strength comparable to chopped glass fiber
  • Considerably improves melt rheology
  • Increases weldline stiffness (tensile modulus)
  • Maintains weldline tensile strength
  • Improves melt rheology (as measured in spiral mold flow length)

Spiral mold flow length increases with increasing Nyglos® to GF ratio in polyamide 6

Spiral mold flow increase with Nyglos

Tensile modulus of PA6 with 30% wollastonite Vs. 20% and 30% glass-fiber filled PA6 (specimens with or without weldline)

Graph showing modulus comparison between GF and wollastonite

Tensile strength of PA6 with 30% wollastonite Vs. 20% and 30% glass-fiber filled PA6 (specimens with or without weldline)

Graph showing tensile strength comparison between GF and wollastonite

Nyglos®  can also be used for partial replacement of glass fiber in  glass-fiber filled PA6 to improve melt rheology and stiffness, while maintaining strength and other mechanical properties.

Flame retardant applications

Using Nyglos® in intumescent flame retardant (FR) formulations of glass-fiber filled PA6 can enhance FR performance to achieve UL94 V0 ratings for thinner specimens.

For example, replacing 10% of GF in a 30% GF-filled intumescent FR PA6 allows manufacturers to achieve UL94 V0 rating at 1/32” thickness while improving melt rheology compared to the same formulation filled with 30% GF.

It also allows compounders to use lower levels of FR additives to achieve UL94 V1 rating.

Nyglos® 4W-10012 improves melt rheology and achieves UL94 V0 rating at 1/32” thickness in Intumescent FR PA6

UL94 ratings for 1/32” specimen with NYGLOS

Nyglos® products are recommended for use in:

  • Reinforced polyamides, particularly PA6 applications with injection molding weldline
  • Flame retardant polyamides, for improved FR performance at reduced thickness
  • Automotive applications requiring enhanced reinforcement
  • E&E applications
  • Household appliances


We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.


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