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Scratch & mar resistance

Scratch & mar resistance Imerys talcs improve scratch resistance in PP and TPO compounds

In a world where car sharing is increasingly widespread, scratch performance of plastics parts is becoming a key criterion for interior and exterior applications where appearance is important.

The scratch performance of mineral-reinforced PP and TPO compounds primarily depends on the type of resin or combination of resins used. Once the right resin has been chosen, using optimum mineral products can help maintain scratch performance.

Talc particle size distribution is an essential parameter for scratch resistance. The finer the particle size, the better the scratch resistance.

For an optimum balance of scratch performance and mechanical properties, we recommend submicron Jetfine® talc produced using our proprietary milling technology.

Jetfine® demonstrates excellent surface resistance in automotive scratch tests. It also provides improved mechanical properties and can be used to lower anti-scratch additive loadings.

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