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TiO2 Extension - Opacity

TiO2 Extension - Opacity Calcined kaolin for TiO2 extension and opacity in thermoplastics

Calcined kaolin is an excellent TiO2 extender for thermoplastic sheets and films. Used in combination with TiO2, calcined kaolin maintains color and opacity in thermoplastics at a lower formulation cost.

TiO2 is used as an opacifier in many polymer applications, including thermoplastic
sheets and films. Many consumer products comprise single or multilayer pigmented sheets
with TiO2 added for color and opacity.

Although it is acknowledged as the most effective opacifier available, the cost of TiO2 has lead to the search for more cost-effective alternatives. Calcium carbonates have been used in combination with TiO2, but these are primarily as extenders and dispersion aids.

Imerys Opacilite™ Ultra is a high whiteness calcined kaolin produced by a new, patented rapid heating process. This technique creates large numbers of tiny sealed voids within the clay particles, resulting in excellent opacifying properties, high whiteness and low specific gravity.

When used in combination with TiO2, the color and opacity of thermoplastics can be maintained and cost savings achieved.

Opacilite™ Ultra is suitable for the partial replacement of TiO2 in LLDPE, HDPE and polystyrene (PS).



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