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Recycled Plastics

The benefits of recycling plastic are evident insofar as recycling preserves natural resources and supports advancements towards a more developed circular economy.
Recycling plastics is challenging, however, as the mechanical properties of recycled compounds tend to deteriorate during the recycling process, limiting their future use. Waste streams also contain a mix of plastics which have different properties and which are not necessarily compatible, so sorting and recycling these different plastics adds complexity for the recycling plastics industry.

Combining access to the Imerys mineral range with in-depth knowledge of the effects of minerals in polymers, Imerys is able to offer recycled plastics businesses a range of solutions to combat the above issues.
Be it our ground-breaking polyolefin compatibilization technology or our engineered, multi-functional mineral additives, Imerys solutions contribute to boosting the performance of recycled materials to match those of virgin polymers enabling their use in higher value applications that meet key performance requirements.

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Imerlink is a specialty coated mineral unique to Imerys, which provides compatibilization superior to olefinic block copolymer (OBC).


New ImerLink helps recyclers & compounders boost performance.