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A host of benefits

Our products and services provide a host of benefits both in terms of environmental impact and the properties of the end product.  

Virgin resin replacement

Recycled resins are both more environment friendly and cost-effective solutions than virgin resin for many applications. 
Through the use of our unique ImerLink additive package  and minerals solutions such as our Steagreen® talc, we can improve the properties of recycled plastics to make our customers' compounds behave like 100% virgin polymers, suitable for use in higher value applications that meet key performance requirements.

Mechanical and optical properties

Recycled polymers containing more than 4% of a contaminant polyolefin usually demonstrate very poor mechanical and optical properties. This is because PE and PP have different melting and solidification temperatures, which lead to phase separation. Our proprietary ImerLinkcompatibilization technology allows properties to be maintained even when there is a mix of polyolefins in the feed.

Used as functional reinforcing agents, Imerys mineral solutions can restore the mechanical and optical properties of recycled plastic compounds enabling them to match increasingly demanding end-user requirements.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation services to help you achieve your specific performance requirements.

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