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Mineral-reinforced recycled plastics Imerys minerals restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics

Talc for recycled PP

Recycled plastics tend to lose in mechanical performance during the recycling process and need to be reinforced for more demanding applications. Imerys talcs restore mechanical properties to recycled plastics.

Imerys talcs restore mechanical properties such as:

  • Stiffness
  • Dimensional stability
  • Heat resistance

A 20% loading of our Steagreen® talc in recycled PP will match the performance of a commercial talc-filled PP compound and can be used for more demanding engineering applications.

Applications benefitting from Imerys talc usage

Calcium carbonates for recycled PVC, PE and PP

Our calcium carbonate grades are suitable for a wide range of recycled resins (PVC, PE, PP, etc.) and applications. Our ground calcium carbonates, ImerCarb® and PolCarb®, provide cost optimization while optimizing optical and mechanical properties as well as enhancing productivity.

Mica for recycled nylon

Imerys micas such as our Suzorite® range are ideal for reinforcing recycled nylons where they improve HDT, stiffness and shrinkage.

Glass-fiber alternative in polyamide

In recycled polyamide, Imerys minerals make excellent cost-effective alternatives to glass fiber.

We offer a full range technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.


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