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Imerys talcs, micas and wollastonites are used in seals, hoses, membranes, cables, pharmaceutical stoppers and tires to improve processing, impermeability, weathering, electrical properties, fire resistance and mechanical properties such as tear.
Imerys minerals improve the dispersion of reinforcing fillers reducing mixing time. Low environmental impact Imerys minerals have a synergistic effect with carbon black providing optimum processing and properties and a good cost-performance balance. Imerys minerals are ideal for tire inner liners and can contribute to better fuel efficiency.

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Mistron HAR® for LRR tires

High aspect ratio talc Mistron® HAR talc provides up to 40% lower air permeation in tire inner liners.


Mistron® Vapor for carbon black replacement

Mistron® Vapor is a high performance, cost-effective alternative to carbon black in rubber.


Mistron HAR® talc for tyre inner liners

Mistron® talc + carbon black. The perfect match

Mistron HAR® talc for fire resistant cables